What Types Of Photography Services Do You Provide?

Our services include Image Post Production Services and Expert Photography services. That means, we provide all kinds of photography services for any kind of special program or day. With it, we also provide all kinds of services you will need after capturing the photos like editing, removal, clipping path services, etc.

Will I Get Digital Images From You?

Of course we do. Our client’s satisfaction is the first thing we value always. We provide photos in the most appropriate format for you. So, that you don’t have to go for further hassle whenever you will use them somewhere else.

Do I Have To Deposit In Advance?

Yes. As a security fact, we take a little deposit with each booking you make. It shows the value of our time. If you cancel the booking in less than 24 hours, we don’t refund the deposit. It is our business policy.

What Is Your Backup Policy Or Protection Do You Follow For Images?

We understand your concern about the photos of your special day. That is why we have a backup system for each project we complete. We have a separate drive for each of your photography events or services. So, if you need the photos in the future, we can provide them to you without any problem.

Do You Have Any Cancellation Or Rescheduling Policy?

Although cancellation is not something in our expectations. But still, people have issues, so we have a cancellation policy. But to get back your refund you have to inform us before 24 hours of the booking date. Otherwise, we will not refund the deposit. You can reschedule the photo shoot too in case of emergencies.

Do You Provide Ownership Or Copyright Of The Photos?

Certainly we do. When you complete the full payment, we hand over the copyright or ownership of your photos to you. We strictly follow this rule in our agency. Thus we try to keep transparency with our clients.