Image Post Production Services

$ 0.99/ Per Image

  • Clipping Path Service
  • Background Removal service
  • Image Masking Service
  • Product Photo Editing Service
  • Drop Shadow Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Service
  • Vector Conversion Service
  • Color Correction Service
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Expert Photography services

$ 999/ Per Hour

  • Wedding Photography Service
  • Portrait Photography Service
  • Lifestyle Photography Service
  • Editorial Photography Service
  • Advertising Photography Service
  • Product Photography Service
  • Pet Photography Service
  • Family Photography Service
  • Commercial Photography Service
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One Two Three, Get Ready For Your Perfect Capture!

Who will not want to hold the special moments of their life forever? Everybody does. To make your wish true, Photo Adventures is with you as your guardian angel. We hold your special moment still so that you can cherish the moments forever! Just a click sounds and you will get a masterpiece, it does not really happen when you want to get a beautiful picture.

The secret lies behind the lens of the camera. The photographer knows well how to capture your tender moment in a short time. Because you will not hold your emotions forever. Only a few moments and your emotion will be gone. This is the moment when the photographer shows his magic.

Do You Know What Makes A Great Photo? Let Me Tell You!

A great photo comes with some great features. Our photographers have spent a lot of time making simple captures amazing. We have never left any stone unturned that will let our photographers learn something new for perfect photography. The features have helped us a lot to achieve success in the world of photography:


To get a great combination Thirds and Symmetry are very essential, such as the use of a proper frame, balance of the object, etc. Some of these rules are common to be found. Others are not. For a perfect composition, you can follow any rules you want to.


To capture the emotion is the timeless beauty of a photo. Emotion catches the eye of every human being for sure. To unite the viewers, emotion plays a crucial role. The smile of a baby or the tears of an adult will move your heart without your knowledge.

Photo Will Portray A Story

Through images, you can narrate a story to others without using any voice. The famous photographs of historical wars or distressed people have stopped the time on the photos unbelievably! You will feel like you have gone back to that time.

Point Of View

A photo you are capturing from which angel is a very important fact. You can capture one from a high place or from under any object. Pictures taken from different perspectives create a different vibe in the eyes of the audience.

Let The Audience Fantasies The Image

When your image will be the reason for fantasy to the viewers. They will create their own story about the image using the details of the photo. It does not reduce the appeal of the photo. Rather it makes the photo more attractive.

Enough Lighting

Too bright or too dim photos will lose the attention of the viewer. You should make the lighting bright enough so the viewers will get closer to your photo. A good photographer will know the use of proper lighting in his photo.

Our Services

You may be wondering about our full-service photography by now. We have divided our services into two parts by keeping the requirements of our clients in mind. So, none of our clients return empty-handed without fulfilling their desire.

Clipping Path Service

To remove people or objects from the photo is the function of the clipping path service. Besides, removing the unwanted background of the photo is another part of the clipping path. For any type of design, it is very essential.

Besides, you may want to make your photo or image more beautiful with your presence only. We can do it for you to present your picture which will focus only on you, nothing else. It will make the picture more beautiful!

Background Removal Service

To present your photo after editing and retouching through removing the background is called the background removal service. You may need to mask, clip or cut the photo while removing the background.

After completing the editing, it is handed over to you. The image will have a white or other backgrounds after removing the existing one. Creating a clean image is very important. According to the needs of your business, you may choose the color!

Image Masking Service

Image masking is to select a specific part of the image and separate subjects of the image utilizing photoshop. Besides photoshop there are other software tools for editing. The pixels will remain the same before the completion of the process.

Through image masking, the other part of the image will not change. You can only keep in your image the portion you want to be there. According to your desire, Photo Adventures will provide you with the same you need.

Product Photo Editing Service

When you want to represent your product to the audience, you should add a professional appearance. For the required adornment of the product, we will edit and complete the makeover of your product's images.

When someone is not seeing your product with his eyes, he will want to get a proper idea about the product when you will add it for e-commerce. The shabby look of the product will not attract anyone. You should let your clients have a clear image of the product!

Drop Shadow Service

Well, hearing the name you have understood by now that drop shadow service has something to do with the shadow. The product's shadow, resembling the product itself, is called the drop shadow.

It seems as if the product is leaning back in its shadow. Drop shadow is also used for graphics text to make it focus more than the normal outline of the text. Our photo editors are very efficient to accomplish drop shadow with your product or text whatever you want!

Photo Retouching Service

When you have an image that has some lacking in tone, otherwise it would be one of your best photos. It is the moment you need our assistance. Our professionals will turn your image into something amazing after retouching it. We will adjust it based on your choice. We will even your skin tone. Besides, if there is a need to fix the brightness in the picture, we will do that in the exact amount. Making it too bright or too light will spoil the photo.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Other names for ghost mannequin services are invisible mannequin service or neck joint service. When you will see how you look after wearing a cloth, you will feel more interested to purchase the product.

A mannequin is used to wear the cloth. After that, a lot of pictures are taken. The dummy is removed from the product image. It adds a hollow and 3d look to the product. We are also equally capable of giving your product a 3D look.

Vector Conversion Service

To manually draw your image again in vector format is the function of the vector conversion service. Drawing an image like this will make it ready to print on any object like mugs, toys, etc. In other words, the image will be used for screen printing.

For printing images in banners or similar large formats, vector conversion is very essential. Besides, the images can be used for engraving, etching, laser cutting, stamping, sandblasting, etc. We do it pretty well.

Color Correction Service

When your image is ok, but the color of your hair is too dark. The light color of the hair could make the photo more beautiful. Vice versa. Most people don’t know about it. But we are capable enough to bring back the suitable color of your hair, whether it is dark or light. Only professionals like us can do this well. We assure you from all aspects that you will not disappoint. Rather you will thank us after seeing your beautiful image.

Wedding Photography Service

The wedding day is the most precious day of our life. Everyone wants to capture each moment of the day with great affection. As if a little bit of touch of the shining star or moon on your photo is what you desire. Maybe you need to fix your makeup color in your photo, or some of your hair is messing up the photo, we can handle all types of issues easily. To remove any unwanted object or the black shadow in your photo is also our expertise.

Portrait Photography Service

Portrait photography of yours will express your personality in different forms. We can capture your mood and emotion respectively. Our instructions will make your portrait look more beautiful.

We have a setup of our own. It is our positive side that we know how to make our clients ready for the perfect capture mentally and physically. Only capturing photos is not our motto, we tend to make each click perfect for you!

Lifestyle Photography Service

Lifestyle photography is not like portrait or photojournalism. To capture the real-life moments for a particular person or many people is the trait of lifestyle photography. A lifestyle photo will let you know about the lifestyle of people.

You may wear any dress you want when you are ready for it. Because you just have to be yourself. Nothing artificial is a part of a lifestyle photography. The rest is upon us. We will focus you on the photo!

Editorial Photography Service

When the word editorial is in front of a photography service, you can guess a little bit what type of photography it may be. Right you are. It is the function of editorial photography to picture an idea or story.

Normally, in the newspapers, magazines, etc. you will see the photos. The editorial photos are not dependent on any brands like the commercial photos. Only the photos are enough to express anything they want to through their concept!

Advertising Photography Service

The photos which are mainly used to promote services or products are called advertising photography. The other name of it is commercial photography. It is very essential to represent your brand in front of others with shiny features in case of marketing. Our skilled photographers make your product or service lively to the clients. So that the clients become attracted to your brands. Finally, they will be your buyer from prospective buyers.

Product Photography Service

In recent years, the acceptance of product photography near people has been very well appreciated. Grow your marketing, it is more important than you can imagine. Product photography is the visual presentation of an image of your product.

It is also called commercial photography. Through a clear image, the audience can easily understand the look, color, sometimes size, etc. of the product. It gives them a description of the product.

Pet Photography Service

People who have a pet are not an animal only, it is a part of their family. Certainly, they will want to capture the sweet moments of the pet. Through pet photography, you will be able to capture the mood, personality, habits, etc. of your pet.

Those will be your lovely memories of your pet forever. But it is not easy to complete pet photography easily as pets will not cooperate as humans do. Our photographers have some training to handle your pets!

Family Photography Service

Who would not want to capture a photo with the members of the family? Everyone will. You may have parents, maternal and paternal relatives, siblings, children, grandchildren, and other people in your family.

When you capture a photo with all of them, everyone will be in the same frame. Being together with the family is a great thing. You can't meet everyone every day. But you will be able to see everyone whenever you are missing them or going through a hard time.

Our Offered Turnaround Time

What will we offer you in the case of delivering your photos as a part of our full-service photography? Well, for that we have different plans. You will select any one of them according to your need.

A 24 Hour Turnaround Time

When you need your photo emergency, we are ready to complete your project within 24 hours. If you have a lot of photos, then we will assign enough efficient team members to make your work faster. Ultimately each time we become successful to deliver your work in a single day.

3 Days Turnaround Time

If you need your photos within three days after capturing them, we can do it too. We will capture, select and finish editing your photos in separate ways. You will also be satisfied with our work. But it doesn't mean we will compromise the quality of our work.

7 Days Turnaround Time

Our 7 days turnaround time offer is a very popular plan among our clients. Most people take this offer for their personal or professional projects. We also serve each of our clients with dedication. Our photographers and photo editors always work to satisfy our clients.

2 Weeks Turnaround Time

We don’t keep any project of our clients normally more than 14 days or 2 weeks. It is in our full-service photography policy for our clients. When the clients give us enough time to take enough time, even then we finish the work of course within 14 days. We don’t keep our clients waiting longer.

Online Platform

Another part of our online work is that we do work on various types of online platforms. We work for social media and other websites. Also, we share our works on various photo-sharing platforms. But we don’t share our clients' photos there. We have different ways to pick up photos for those platforms.


One of the best platforms to share photos is Flickr. You can also store your photos here. Both experts and beginners can work on this platform. A photographer will get a lot of editing tools here. The storage space is also huge for you. The easy functions of Flickr are very supportive whether you post, store, share, edit or sell your images.


Another top platform to share your photo is 500PX. But this platform is for the experts only, not the novice. You can start from the free trial to the premium paid options like “Awesome” and “Pro” by subscribing. Thus you will get the license to purchase your photos on the platform of 500PX.


Behance generally belongs to Adobe software. The most important fact is, you will get free services here. To upload unlimited photos you can use the platform. A lot of programs of abode work easily in Behance. Photographers will get a lot of benefits.


The most popular social media platform to share photos is Instagram. With your smartphone, you can easily use Instagram. You can capture, edit, post, and share your photos here. Other users can like or comment on your photos. You can upload any type of photo you like here.

Image Editing Level

Our image editing full-service photography works on different levels. Each level will help out someone someday. We know it very well. You will find a lot of editing levels when you want to go for editing. Now we will tell you about the post-production image editing levels performed by our skilled editors. There are a lot of retouching levels for editing. Some of them are:

Basic Retouching

Basic retouching is only for a few changes. Through it, small problems of the image are solved. So, it needs a very short period to accomplish the task. To remove the spot, remove any unwanted hair part, fix the skin tone, use proper white on the eye and teeth, etc.

Advanced Retouching

Comparatively, advanced retouching needs more time than basic retouching. Because, to work on any product, dummy or background will need more time than working on faces simply. Adjusting color, removing hairs, removing elements from the background, eliminating objects from the image, etc. are included in advanced retouching.

Extensive Retouching

When your image needs many corrections, extensive retouching is utilized then. Almost all kinds of changes are required in the image. To restore damaged old photos, add or remove people, adjust the background, etc. All of these need a lot of time.

Product Photo Retouching

For e-commerce, beautiful product images are very important. It increases the value of the products or services. People first consider the beautiful look of the product. When the product will give the audience a positive sign, it will help the clients to decide to purchase it.

Commercial Photo Retouching

For huge commercial purposes, retouching is a very crucial part of the photos. To let your prospective buyers know about your products or services, you must need the commercial view to retouch your product's photo. Thus the viewers will have an exact idea about the product.

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry items are a very sensitive part of the adornment of women. Before they decide to purchase any jewelry, women look at it very carefully. Every design of an ornament has several parts. Blurry images will not let anyone understand the designs of the ornament.

Apparel Retouching

Clothes are perhaps the most selling products online or offline. When a clothes photo is captured, the color does not show properly. It is a must to let the audience show the exact colors of the garments. Otherwise, they will not be able to know about the product and buy it.

Background Removal Or Retouching

For any image, the background is a very essential fact. A background will tell you how beautiful your photo will be. But if there is a presence of any unwanted object or people or the background is not clear, it is a bad photo for you. The focus of the photo will be diverted.

Portrait Image Retouching

To reveal the personality of any person, portrait photography plays a crucial part. Another name for it is headshot photography. The sharp color of the image and other detailed retouching is done in the image here. It is not possible while capturing the photo and complete the image post-production services.

Creative Retouching

Creative retouching needs to combine two or more two images. You may need it sometimes. Removing a person from your image or merging them to get the one desired result is the function of creative retouching. Our experts do that well to satisfy the clients.

Production Outflow

Under our full-service photography, we provide photography in steps. For that, we follow certain steps. Our service rules are very well arranged. All of our team members strictly follow the production steps. That is why we can ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Photo Studio

Our photo studio is the best modern equipped photography studio in the arena. A studio of 1600 square feet will make you speechless with its beauty. The lighting system in the whole studio is really pretty. The lights can be controlled through a well set up for lighting.

Conference Room

Our conference room is equipped with a big LCD television. Because a projector will not be able to hold our concepts. So, we depend only on our LCD screens for lectures and creative purposes. Almost 40 people can sit in our conference room comfortably.


All of our equipment like softboxes, barn doors, honeycombs, umbrellas, etc. are high-quality and guaranteed products. The lighting system can be controlled through the remote. Besides, the cameras we use are high-resolution DSLR cameras. So, you don’t have to worry about our setup.


Our darkroom is a very favorable place for our photographers to work with. A film loading room, a dedicated room, and a tank with 4 gallons capacity. Besides, there are sinks, wet labs, print washers, etc. We have not left any stone unturned to give our darkroom the best facilities.

Support and Services

We are committed to our customers for each of our services. Our service plans are created to give the best customer support to our clients. We never let our clients feel disappointed after taking our services. Let's tell you now about our customer-friendly support and services:

  • All of our packages are supportive
  • We have the option to let us know about our client's requirement
  • Face to face meeting arrangement
  • Offer connection through social media accounts
  • All types of before and after service facilities
  • Our schedule is always on time
  • Spontaneous workability of the experts
  • Delivery at the proper time
  • We offer our clients the best package which suits you
  • Our customer service team is supportive of our clients
  • For the customer reviews, our site is always open
  • Careful project management

Payment Gateway

As we said already, we will always support our customers with friendly features. You can rely on us for the payment options too. Surely you will be compatible with anyone when it comes to the time of the payment.

  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card/Debit card
  • Visa Card
  • Check
  • eCheck


Some Common Questions & Answers About Our Services

The Clipping path is a photo editing service. Making lines at the border of a photo object and separating it from its photo is called a clipping path.

For restoring your old paper-printed photo, you have to take the image post-production service. Specialists will make it for you.

People who have an e-commerce website for clothing businesses need this ghost masking service. This server helps to make the clothing photos realistic and perfect.

Photography post-production service is a sub-service of image post-production service. Making a photo-realistic, restoring a photo, correcting skin tone, Reshaping body, etc., are photography post-production service jobs.

Including clipping path, ghost masking, ghost mannequin, background removal service, there are a lot of photo editing services they provide.

Professional photography is nothing but paid photography service. Suppose you are doing photography for money. It is called a professional photography service.

They provide many services, including Commercial Photography, Event Photography, Headshots, and Portraits.

Photography for making advertisements, films, dramas, etc., is called commercial photography.

Mostly wedding events, birthday parties, officially arranged events, and organized picnics need this event photography service. They want to make their day memorable. For this reason, they take the service.

Making personal portraits, for a model audition, for an audition is headshot photography. Among all of the services, this photography service is so expensive.

Our photography service has a lot of variety. We capture photos of personal or commercial photos along with photo editing services. We have included everything on our page. You may look for it to know the details.

Of course, there are so many professional photography services around you. But, we can assure you that, we only don’t do business, we develop lifetime relationships of credibility. Once you take our service, you will get the answer yourself.

Our turnaround time has different plans. We have kept 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, and 14 days delivery time. You can choose anyone from the plans that will suit your needs.

We deliver our images to our clients through Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Smash, Shootproof, Pixieset, etc. Besides, we also share photos in JPEG or PNG format if our clients want it. It is done as a part of our full-service photography studio.

We always work for our client’s satisfaction. So, we must provide you peace of mind when you are trusting us with your sensitive issues. We hand over our clients the copyright when the payment is done. Our team never uses the photos of the client anywhere else.

We maintain transparency for every deal with our clients. As a client you may have problems continuing with your reservation. If it is a last-minute change of your plan, we may charge a little as the cancellation or rescheduling fee.

When you complete the booking process, we take a little fee as security. It increases our acceptance of people to let them think about our value. We don’t refund the deposit if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of the program.


After one decade of service in the photography area, we have gained so much appreciation from our clients and inspiration!

Our Customers

Our customers have always been very helpful to us. With their cooperation, we have been successful in our work!